Continued from Part 1

“It’s raining and we two are alone, seems quite like a romantic time.” was what I blurted. For a moment, I was stunned about what I had just spoken. As expected, it wasn’t just me who was surprised. “Excuse me? Are all men here such flirts?”

“Not all. I like to believe only some are bestowed with such special talents.”

“Flirtatious and arrogant. Wow!” she said with a smirk.

“Can’t blame me. Just following my idol, Harvey Specter” I replied with a wink, desperately hoping she got the Suits reference.

“Ah! I should have guessed it earlier.”

“Finally, some girl who watches Suits” I said in ecstacy. A picture of Motocross Madness suddenly popped up in my head with a huge billboard saying ‘Checkpoint 1 cleared’.

“Well, the only thing that glorifies our profession.”
What! She was a lawyer too. Checkpoint 2 cleared.

“Wow, you are a lawyer?”

“Not yet.” I asked her where she studied and we introduced ourselves. She inquired what I was reading, pointing towards the book in my hand. I handed it over, partly embarrassed of its wet and crumbled shape it had taken because of the exposure to rains.

“Oh! I love Jhumpa Lahiri!” informed she, with a glint in her eyes.

This can’t be happening. Suits and now Jhumpa Lahiri. I had to know this girl better. If her next favourite turned out to be Deepika Padukone, she was definitely my soulmate. 😛

“Bhaiya, chai!” came a  sound from the nearby vendor and suddenly the conversation which was flowing as carefree as an unabashed river stopped abruptly. I turned to pick up the chai and pay my money. As I joined her again, I was greeted with words I had never wanted to hear that night- “I’ll get going. It’s pretty late.” The rains, that had subsided by then, ceased to be an excuse I could use to make her stay.

“Will I see you again?” asked I, the sadness of her departure clearly evident on my face.

“Depends. Well, I am sure you can figure that out Mr. Specter.” came the prompt reply. The rain had stopped by then. As I accompanied her to drop her to the gate, she said, “You forgot your bookmark there” pointing towards the bookmark on the wet floor. By the time I had picked it up, she was already far away. The only thing my heart advised at that time was to run after her and somehow not let that moment pass. I glanced at the bookmark and was pleasantly surprised to find a 10-digit number on it. I looked at her again but she was already out of sight, only to enter my life forever.