2016 just set in. And like many ignorant people around the world, I also jumped my way into the new year through the countdown. I was hoping I would suddenly feel the energy of the new year the next morning. May be feel a new vigour while starting the day. But no. I was the same old lazy self that I had slept. And this is the reason I don’t make New Year resolutions.

As I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of my life has been defined only in terms of successes and failures. The kind of energy I feel after each success (and failure) is unparalleled. And like many others, I do not find the same natural vigour in some artificially generated calendar benchmark. So sorry, I do not have to live with the burden of some New Year resolution in 2016.

I was also asked often, “How was 2015?” I don’t really know. As long as my close ones are healthy, it won’t ever be too bad. As long as I achieve my first-world goals, it will be fine. Perhaps, a major transition point in 2015 was me entering IIMA. I say this not because of IIMA’s reputation. I say this because of how better I have been able to know myself after coming here. There have been numerous instances (starting from the interviews) and people  who have forced me to think who I am as a person. It might not have anything to do with goals etc. but the entire exercise of self-introspection has been quite compelling and delightful.

I always thought I would be learning how to be a ruthless corporate tycoon from here. The course, however, teaches you exactly the opposite. I am really impressed by the emphasis on uncertainty and emotions, things which I was indifferent to, just a year back. In an alternate scenario, where I would have been analysing data sheets, tucked away in my cubicle in the financial safety that my alma mater offers, I can hardly imagine myself compelled to find answers.

And so, 2015 has been a great year. I hope the learning juggernaut continues!