Go back to your 8th standard classes in school. You want to stand 1st in the class. Or become an awesome Tennis player. Or even learn to play guitar like no one else. What advice do you get? Practice. Or more accurately, “Beta, practice now. Don’t brag anything and then show it to the world what you are capable of.” And there in lies the reason of ruining the entire Indian civilisation. Or may be, that’s just me!

Who is the typical Indian hero? Starting from the antediluvian era, it’s Shaktimaan. (Only a ninety’s kid can understand this. :P). Notice how Shaktimaan is just an alter-ego of a person who is shy and believes in speaking only through his actions. A modern age replica is Bruce Wayne, who does not brag about what he wants to achieve but protects the world in his caped outfit. And notice how we drool over Batman all the time, a major reason being his ‘humility’ or ‘non-bragginess’.

If there is one thing that most Indians live by, it’s “Talk less, do more”. But I say that it’s wrong. It’s blatantly wrong. It should be ‘Talk more, do more’.

And that’s why I adore Tony Stark. He is a bragger who shows off his swanky cars and kick-ass suit, in the most vocal way possible. There’s this one scene in ‘Iron Man 3’ where he openly challenges Mandarin. I think that we should operate in a similar fashion. Talking more about your goals in public makes you vulnerable when you don’t achieve them. You have an added societal pressure to achieve those goals and that will push you harder to achieve them. That Tony Stark got ransacked later is a result of his over-confidence (and under-preparedness).

I also belong to the majority who love Batman more than Tony Stark. But maybe, it’s time to change the underlying rationale.