I was pleasantly surprised today when Facebook showed me a picture of Swiss that I had posted exactly a year ago. And that triggered a reaction of nostalgia for the entire European saga (read internship).

There are only a few times in my life which I can say, to have lived. Usually, my life always goes into planning for the next moment, totally oblivious to living the present one. But, I can say, in all my vanity, that each minute fraction of time in those 3 months was a magical experience. I could literally feel myself filling myself with life as I inhaled those airs. It was totally different from my previous life, a life in which competitive spirit runs as ubiquitously as blood in body. And I owe this life partly to IIT Bombay. But at the same time, none of this would have been possible had it not been that hallowed temple of learning – IIT Bombay.


I remember when I first entered IITB, greeted through the clumsy gate (?) by torrential showers. I hated both, instantly. And although now IITB has a real gate, I still hate the torrential showers. Hoards of people swarming in to find the convocation hall, bundled by the enthusiasm of a bright future. The convo, as many would recall, was a pretty shitty place back then, with those wooden chairs enamored with pigeon shit. And now, it has the swanky look graced with opera-esque chairs. This transformation is apt to describe my personal metamorphosis too – from a stone on a sidewalk to atleast the one in rings.

Everything is about people. And IITB is more so. The sheer brilliance of my peers continue to amaze and humble me. Mental brilliance. Physical brilliance. Emotional brilliance. Yes, people are emotionally brilliant here, otherwise I would not have opened up so much, given the introvert I was. As I leave this place, the thing I will miss the most is the heart-to-heart conversations. With people while walking around the campus, with profs in their offices, with friends in classes and with seniors in their fourthies.(Nothing else rhymed :P). Now that I am expected to be a “professional”, I will miss the sitting around in mess, chatting, long after dinner is over.

Change is permanent, they say. But it’s very hard to forgo a wall of protection. That’s what IITB was, all these years- the silent guardian, the watchful protector, the Dark Knight.