Venue: The Orchid, Mumbai

There were two professors in the panel (P1 and P2), both in their mid-forties I guess.

P1: So, did you go to Bothra Classes?

Me (chuckling): Yes, sir. It was the only good coaching class in Ahmedabad then.

P1: Yes. Did you go to the Maninagar branch?

Me: No sir, they didnt have that branch then.

P1: So you commuted daily. That must have been hectic.

Me: Yes sir.

P2: What is the difference between JEE and a reality TV show?

Me: Sir, to crack JEE you need a certain amount of scientific/mathematical intellect, however reality shows might require emotional intellect.

P1: Good. Why did you choose Mechanical despite good rank?

Blackstone deja vu 😛 I told him the reason.

P1: So you have an impressive academic record. Let me ask some mechanical question.

Frankly, this assumption has ruined my life more than anything else. Andar se, I wanted to tell him that they are totally uncorrelated. But fuck it.

P1: My dad bought a Vespa 25 years ago. I now buy another Vespa. What’s the difference

Me: Sir, automatic and manual transmission I guess.

P1: Yes, can you explain to me in detail.

Me: Sir, I do not know the functioning exactly but I’ll venture a guess, if it’s okay. Explained to him the engine working and gear box (whatever I retained from your fundae Soovadeep 🙂 )

P2: Do you have a course on Automotive Engineering?

Me: No sir, we do not have even a full course on Engines. He probed further so I told him that most courses in IIT don’t go so much deep as their NIT counterparts.

P1: What is your department rank? What are those ahead of you doing?

Me: Told him.

P2: So why MBA then?

Me: Gave my most prepared answer. 😛

P2:  Where are you placed?

Me: Told him about the company.

P2:  So you want to be in a managerial role in an engineering firm, but this is a consulting company.

Me: Sir, I think I did not come so clear last time. I have not decided that but I am open about it. Told him some more about how MBA will help me choose a good role.

P1: Oh okay. What other thing interests you?

Me: Sir, Statistics.

He then asked me a question on conditional probability, I took an example and explained it to him.

P2: Dont you think the Gujarat model is a hype?

Me: Discussed the facts and myths. He seemed convinced.

P1: So, what does Mani stand for in Maninagar (my locality) ?

Fuck. I had googled India, Gujarat and Ahmedabad and I get fucked on Maninagar. Life is never what you expect it to be. 😛

Me (thinking about Gandhi, Morarji, anyone that has a fucking Mani in name): Sir, I have no idea.

P1: Which Gujarati poet won the Padma Shri this year?

Please stop raping me on Gujarat. Ask about oil crisis, euro crisis, russian crisis, israel conflict, delhi elections, modi, anything major in the world but not Gujarati literature. Fucked, again!

Me: I do not follow gujarati Literature sir.

P1/P2: Okay good, we are done. Best wishes!

My review: There were some loopholes out of which 1-2 should have been avoided.
My preparation: 3/5
My performance: 3/5

Verdict: Converted 🙂

My background:

Academic Bio:
10th: 93.71%
12th: 90.00%
CPI (IIT Bombay): 9.33
CAT score: 99.94%

AIR 8 in International Maths Olympiad
AIR 15 in National Science Olympiad