There were two guys in the panel, one (P1) was a professor, the other (P2) seemed like an alumnus.

P1: So you love travelling, where have you travelled to?

Me: Sir, Europe. Switzerland mainly, and also France and Italy.

P1: Where in France? Paris?

Me: No sir, I went to Nice.

P1: Why not Paris?

Me: I have already been to Paris 3 years earlier, so wanted to explore the beach at Nice.

P2: Okay, how do you travel? Train or by air?

Me: Sir, I prefer trains.

P2: Which is the longest train in India?

Me: I don’t know but I am guessing it’s Himsagar Express, which runs from Jammu to Kanyakumari.

P2: What do you think is the length of the route?

Me: Sir, 2600 kms?

P2: Are you sure? What do you think is the total length of India?

Me: Actually, I would like to revise my figures. I think the total length of India would be around 3500 kms so the route would be about 3400 kms.

P2: Ok, which is your favourite topic in studies?

Me: Sir, IC engines.

Then P2 asked me some questions on mechanical- (What is a SI engine?How is fuel injected?What is a carburator?) which I answered comfortably.

P2: What other electives have you taken?

Me: Sir, Statistics.

P1: What is a normal distribution?

Me: Drew it out.

He then asked me to find the probability at x=0 which I did.

P1: What is coefficient of variation?

Me: Sir, it’s std deviation by mean.

P1: Are you sure? Don’t you think it’s the other way round?

Me: No sir, I think it’s std deviation by mean.

P1: If I have the correlation coefficient of X and Y, and their std deviations, can you find the covariance?

Me: Yes sir. Explained the formula to him.

P1: Have you gambled?

Me: Yes sir, in Goa.

P1: Which game did you play? Blackjack? Roulette?

Me: No sir, I don’t remember the name but the probability of winning was highest in this game.

P1: Explain the game.

Me: Sir, if you get a card with higher number than that of the dealer, than you win.

P1 to P2: Banda, sikh gaya hain. 😛

P1: So what did you learn?

Me: Choosing the right game is very important.

P1: No other than that.

Me (Can’t think of anything): There is always a risk involved in everything. Nothing is certain. (Got a bit philosophical)

P1: Woh to hota hi hai. Aur kya?

Me: Umm, I don’t know.

P1: How much were you willing to lose?

Me: Sir, 1500.

P1: So didn’t you learn to have a lower threshold?

Me (Frankly I think this was fart): Yes sir, absolutely. That’s true.

P1 looking at P2 (Bakre ko jaane de?)

P1: Why MBA now? Why not after work experience?

I gave my reason, on which he seemed fairly convinced.

P2: Okay, you may go.

Overall good experience. Not at all stressful. Only regret: Didn’t give me toffee. Damn, I so wanted that Eclairs. 😛