Charming. Friendly. Expensive !

are the three words that come to mind while describing Zurich. Forget the friendly and expensive, this article is about the charming part! And its Indian interpretation.

As I wake up in the morning and rush hurriedly to the station to catch a train, I am greeted with a flock of people embarking on their daily train journeys. People and girls ! These are the girls which remind me incessantly that how much more importance the West gives on dressing up, even for the smallest and most vacuous of occasions. There are young women in their black jackets and blue denims, chatting on their iPhone while shrouding their ears with white earphones or rarely Beats headphones. And I stand there, my eyes galloping from one face to another, charmed by the facade of prettiness created occasionally by the oodles of make-up, occasionally even trying to guess the country by features or accent.

And this is where the Indian objectification starts its evil game. As I converse with my Indian contemporaries, I get a lot of preaching with frequent mention of the word sex. And it induces a trivial chuckle every time. So while I accuse the Westerners for being so ostentatious with their beauty, I cant help but ridicule and even condemn Indian men for the dichotomous views they possess.

Firstly, the Indian perception of sex is quite labyrinthine. It is pristine, and profane. Sanctimonious and sacrilegious. Hallowed and unhallowed. On one hand, it (or virginity, to be precise) is hailed and surged to a pedestal as something  invaluable. On other hand, multiple sexual encounters and pre-marital sex is looked at with the same contemptuous nature that people look at murderers. As if it is more humiliating and degrading to have sex than even RGV ki aag.

But perhaps not if you are in a foreign country. So when you advise people to have just sex in other countries, you are actually judging their women, with predating, condescending sight. Indian men have a clear dichotomy between “women they will marry” and “women they want to have sex with” and putting almost all women in foreign countries into the second section is disgraceful. Just because the frequency of sex is higher per person in a country does not entitle us a right to label their women sluts or prostitutes.

So, while casual sexual encounters are possible, the conventional way involves dating, which unfortunately, is totally obliterated from the Indian man’s mind in his obsession for sex. And also hardly anyone will date you if you possess such disparaging views as rightly pointed out here:

P.S. This article is not intended to hurt anyone and I apologize if it has.