It’s that time of the year again. That time when a breed of students studying relentlessly for the past years are awarded (or reprimanded) for their efforts. But more importantly, they end their long ordeal. That time when marks and grades fill the atmosphere with condescension and haughtiness alike. That time sons are taunted for not scoring too well. And daughters are, ironically, disparaged by showering praises by the conservatives who had quite earthly expectations from them. But there would be one more name added to this list of bigotry. And she is Sonia Gandhi, the Cersei Lannister of this Game of Thrones, who wants the country to be run by her posterity as if she owns a cloth trading shop.

Come 16th, the result day of elections of the largest democracy of the world, her son Rahul Gandhi would (or should) be reprimanded by her (behind closed doors) for wasting away a chance to sit on the Iron throne. From the self-slaughtering interview to Arnab Goswami to the party manifesto, everything this Joffrey Baratheon has done is a disaster. He, primarily but not alone, will be responsible for the cruel death of UPA this 16th. Alas, ending the golden rule of peace and prosperity that it has bestowed India with. 😛 Perhaps, their only glimmer of hope was the astuteness with which Priyanka Gandhi led the campaign in Amethi and Rai Bareily, surpassing all expectations and inviting accolades whilst showing glimpses of Indira Gandhi.

But what hurts the most is that the cauldron of blame will be poured on Manmohan Singh. The righteous and silent Ned Stark of Indian politics, whose few flourishing deeds were obliterated by his own partymen, MS has let himself and the nation down. There were a lot of positive vibes when he was appointed the PM, owing to his stellar economic record, but alas, he remained just that and did not rise to the occasion.

The elections, as Indian intellectuals would have expected, veered a lot into the caste and religion arena, smearing a lot of mud on everyone. However, not everything was bad about the elections. This election also saw a lot of importance being given to the Indian women, in the aftermath of persistent rapes in India. Feminism has never featured so largely in Indian elections and it is a milestone in the path of future elections.

Another good thing was the pressure put on eradicating corruption, which has plagued India since long. And the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party has to be thanked for. Anna Hazare built the podium for Arvind Kejriwal to deliver. And boy! he did deliver, in Delhi. The righteous Robb Stark, fought less but won every battle. Until he grew impatient and decided to shun Delhi to quench his nationalist ambitions. Aam Aadmi Party would have made a very good opposition but they were not to be trusted with good governance. However populist his antics were, Kejriwal did manage to put people on their toes, pouncing on them at the slightest reference to corruption and trying to bring order by his own tumultous ways.

And the best thing to have happened this while, was the transition from a socialist mood to a much needed capitalist one. And the man responsible is Narendra Modi. The ruthless, despotic and cunning, Tywin Lannister from Gujarat, steered the entire campaign in the direction of growth and development, a battlefield in which he has killed his opponents mercilessly for the last decade. An epitome of decisiveness, Modi is expected to free India from the shackles of its laggard governance and catapult India back to its rightful place among the global stalwarts.

As we are hours away from knowing the King of 29 kingdoms and Protector of the realm, I cannot resist myself from saying Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar.

But I just hope Daenerys Targaryen  and her three dragons do not spoil the party.