Note: Forgive me if it gets too personal but I needed to vent out my emotions

First things first, Indian youth education is a sham. Although I myself dislike most of humanities and social sciences courses, barring a few, I think India seriously needs lessons in it, atleast in Ethics. As far as I know, only the top tier institutes of India offer some courses in humanities. That too are taken by the students just because they are mandatory or gift good grades. But that how Indian education should be improved is a very  long discussion, best left alone for now. The point is, certain courses in humanities and social sciences pave way for respect, or atleast acknowledgement of good moral character.

Just consider the issue of plagiarism. There are two students, A and B. A, through whatever means, is resolute on not resorting to cheating. He may even sacrifice a chunk of his marks also for that vow. B, on the other hand, is quite open to cheating. He has no reservations about it. It happens more often than not that B would disparage A, even to the extent of rebuking him. Now, this is wrong. Not only does B lack the ethics himself, he also doesn’t honor the high moral stance of A.

As I have noticed time and again, people with high moral standards in India get nowhere. Instead they just keep facing more and more roadblocks. A lot of time, this also results into being ostracized from the circles, spoken ill of behind the backs and denied deserving opportunities. And as you may imagine, such callous attitude may also force them to sacrifice their moral values to be accepted into social circles.

Another example is the jumping of queues in India. A lot of people in India totally turn a blind eye towards the existing queues and instead jump it whenever and wherever they get a chance. As much as it serves the purpose, it is also ethically wrong. But keeping aside ethics, they also giggle and deride the people who stood there much longer. I remember a scene of my visit to Disneyland Paris. In the archetypal Indian way, I totally neglected the existence of the queue and went straight to the counter. And then there was this big, bulky guy who, annoyed by my indifference, just lifted me and placed me at the end. More often than not, you would not see such situations in India. Even people in the queues practice mediocrity and the quintessential Indian “chalta hai” attitude and don’t give a damn. Or may be a few cuss words and that’s it.

I have no issues with the savage of ethics. I have a problem with the condescending nature of such people. Even if they are being proud of their smartness or ‘jugaad‘, they must, if not acknowledge, not mock anyone who is on the correct side. Because what this creates is a chain reaction of more and more people giving in to their temptations and doing the same thing to their peers.

Just like Yudhisthir in Mahabharata, sticking to your morals is very very difficult in India because of unequal opportunities provided to us. But try. Or atleast do not mock those who do. These are rare species and are soon on the verge of extinction.