(Note: Descriptions are based on latest events. And names have been changed to protect privacy.)

The countdown to Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 has begun. The auction has been quite surprising, to say the least, with some minion players being paid exorbitant prices and some stellar players going under-priced or even unsold. I could not help but notice the stark similarity between IPL auction and IIT placements (Thirdie saala :P)!

On a brief note, there are surprising results in both cases and hence both have been rightfully compared to winning a lottery. Players such as Piyush Chawla, Rohit Dhawan exemplify their lucky counterparts from the IITs who get placed at firms way above their stature. There are players such as Virender Sehwag or Mahela Jayawardena who don’t get a share of the cake that they so rightly deserve. I figured out an analogy between the teams of IPL and some firms that usually come for placements (at IITB).

Chennai Superkings/ Mumbai Indians:

No points for guessing, these are the quintessential management consulting companies. Every player becomes a whore to get into one of them. They are the demi-gods, a place sanctimoniously worshipped by all the players. A humongous networking and lots of lobbying efforts are exhibited by the players but none of those matter (as far as I know). They have pretty strict scrutinizing criteria. For them, splendid techniques (read CPI) do not matter as much as powerplay (read PoR).

Royal Challenger Bangalore: (can be put in previous section but let’s diversify)

These are the highly rewarding and equally highly dreaded investment banks like Douche Bank, Oldman Jacks etc . They pay hefty sums of money to lure players into their camp although they aren’t currently in a pleasant state of affairs.

Rajasthan Royals:

A meteorically rising housing portal Browsing.com which recruits in masses. Outwardly, it seems to be quite prodigal in its recruiting by hiring so many people but still has lots of funding left. Efficient manager of funds, must say.

Kings XI Punjab/ Delhi Daredevils:

Cater to the fairly good players who could not make into the first two categories. A shelter for the players with good technique (read CPI). Overall, the players are reachers, not settlers. Hamburger, an oilfield services firm who dominated the news with its horrendous unruliness makes into this category.

Kolkata Knight Riders/ Sunrisers Hyderabad:

These are the famous financial companies that come in late e.g. Chiti Bank, Hum Sabse Bade Chor etc. They know they can get excellent players if they plunge in early but still they don’t. Relatively miser in their spendings but not efficient.

A more insightful description would be available next year, with first-hand experience from yours truly. 😛